Why You Should Never Trust Google Maps

When technology fails you



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Before you jump on me for this, I still do use Google Maps for my travels but I also take the directions with just a little pinch of salt.

Michael and Dwight got into quite a pickle with Google Maps.

Let me take you back a couple of years

My guy and I were visiting family in Melbourne. We are both originally from the big city of *Melbs, so know our way around pretty well.

We decided to hire a car to make our way to his parents house which was out past Narre Warren.

We had never been to their new home, so were looking forward to the visit.

We punched the address into Google maps so that we could find our way there without wasting too much time.

Google maps took us on some back roads

We were fine with this as it gave us a chance to get off the freeway. I love taking scenic drives.




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