The Moment I Stopped Being Careful Was The Moment I Caught Covid

And Now I’m Suffering…



Photo by CDC on Unsplash

For Two Years I’ve Followed The Rules

I stayed home during the lockdown, I wore a mask where it was required and even when it wasn’t, I used the check-in QR code everywhere I went…

Here in Queensland rules have eased. We no longer have to check in at most businesses, masks aren’t required, although we do need to wear them on public transport.

In fact, even the unvaccinated are being invited back to their place of employment.

For Two Years, I Was Never Sick

I’m that person who would catch every cold or virus going around. I suffered from multiple infections every year. When Covid became a thing, I never even caught a simple cold! I was the healthiest I’d ever been.

Was it because we all socially distanced? Or was it because we were more conscious of washing our hands properly, and covered our faces when we coughed or sneezed?

What Happened?

My partner got it first. Or at least showed symptoms first. I had no symptoms. We had a pack of RATs that had never been opened so we tested ourselves. He was positive in seconds, I tested negative.

I had a lousy night's sleep that night, sweating, chills, and a tickle in my throat along with a dry cough. Oh, and a massive headouch!

I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck, so I tested myself. You guessed it, I tested positive.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Now I’m Flat On My Back

Day #2 C+ Woke up feeling okay, an hour later I felt like I’d been hit by a bus! On a positive note, a maggie and kooka came to say hi. The maggie was serenading the kooka who was seriously not impressed.

Day #3 C+ Another shitty night’s sleep. Kept waking up with headouches and neck pain. This morning was ok until I got sharp stabbing pains behind my eyes 😵‍💫 My ribs and stomach hurt from coughing so much. Massive projectile…




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