Non-Legit Mentions Will Be The Undoing Of Medium

2 min readFeb 21, 2024
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Now, I fully appreciate it when someone mentions me in their story and also posts a link to one of my stories. This works both ways, the writer highlights their favourite writers and stories, and the readers get to see what stories are being mentioned.

The screenshot below is a perfect example of when mentions are used without taking the piss!

My story was mentioned by another writer in their story, and they mentioned my story via a link. I love this kind of mention!

Screenshot by the Author

But, sadly there are writers out there who do mass mentions in pretty much every story they write.

This needs to stop!

I know which writers are doing this consistently and I no longer read or respond to the alerts I receive from these writers.

They are like the boy who cried wolf!

I’m not going to mention the writers abusing the Medium mention feature, but the screenshot below gives you an idea of what we have to deal with.

Here you can see more than 50 names, and there were even more below this screenshot.

Screenshot by the Author

So, please do everyone a favour and STOP with the mass mentions on your story. It’s not going to give you more reads, believe me!




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