I Took a Break From the Online World

Was It Worth It?

3 min readAug 2, 2022


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A few weeks ago, I got hit with the dreaded Covid! As a result, I was exhausted and didn’t work much at all. I knew I needed to take a break. But, as a social media manager, I need to be online. It felt like the more I was online, the more diluted my message became and the more anxious I started to feel.

So, I switched off completely.

  • I didn’t post on Facebook
  • I didn’t tweet on Twitter
  • I didn’t write anything new on Medium
  • I avoided Instagram.

Anything that was posted had been scheduled in advance.

The Good

After a couple of days of switching off, my anxiety levels decreased. I was sleeping better and wasn’t stressing about my next post or story. There was a sense of relief that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I now realise that this is something I need to do more often.

The Bad

My earnings on Medium took a nosedive. That was to be expected I guess, as I wasn’t writing or publishing much at all. It’s possible many of my readers and followers forgot about me.

I didn’t sign any new clients either. I simply didn’t bother responding to emails or messages. I’d decided if they weren’t a 100% perfect fit, I wasn’t going to waste my time.

Probably not the best way to go about things. But, I have no regrets.

The Ugly

I missed an invitation to a friend's baby shower. The invite was sent to me via Facebook. Mind you, she could have sent me a text message or called me to confirm whether I was coming or not, but she didn’t.

There’s no blame here, we all have more important things going on in our lives.

It’s unfortunate how dependent we are on social media. It feels like social media is the only way people communicate these days.

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