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Welcome To My Profile — July 2022

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About Me

Born and bred Aussie girl who spent years travelling the world on cruise ships. I worked in the casino industry for 27 years before quitting in March 2021. I am now pursuing my passion for helping others via coaching, course creation, and writing.

I was born and raised in the country (yep, I lived on a horse farm) but now live by the beach in the most beautiful country in the world, Australia.

The outdoors is my passion, I love hiking, cycling, and hanging out at the beach. But I also enjoy Pilates and F45 Training.

My Most Popular Stories

So far I’ve published 163 stories, some are good, some not so much. Here are my most-read stories to date:

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What I Write About

I’m a social media manager and strategist, so of course, I love writing about social media. I also love to write about my beautiful home, Australia and I also enjoy the occasional rant!

What I’m Currently Doing

When working as a social media manager, marketer, and strategist, my main focus has been Pinterest, but I am now in the process of creating a membership for social media newbies. If this is something that might interest you, please sign up for updates HERE.

I Am Open To Collaboration

I’d love to collaborate with others either by being interviewed or writing articles. My favourite subjects are travel, tourism, lifestyle, wellness, and fitness. You can find me on Twitter and also on Fiverr.

Writers Who I Love To Read

Justiss Goode | Zulie Rane | Tim Denning |

Ways You Can Support Me

If you enjoy reading stories like this, why not consider becoming a Medium member for just $5 a month? Your membership will give you unlimited access to all stories on Medium. If you sign up using my link, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.




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