Before you ask, yes my hair is pink. Although, it's more of a pastel pink these days!

🇦🇺 I'm a born and bred Aussie with a passion for writing and helping others.

📌 I've been working as a Social Media Manager & Coach for many years, helping hundreds of students and followers. My other passion is writing which I've only just rediscovered in the last year.

✨ This is why I started writing on Medium. I do have a couple of websites where I've blogged for many years, but I've found that with Medium, I am able to write articles that don't always relate to my niche.

And of course there's a wonderful community of writers here on Medium.

During my time on Medium I've been awarded top writer in Social Media. Here are some of my most popular stories.

Hire me to create travel & wellness content for your business, or to help with your social media marketing.

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🇦🇺 Social Media Marketer & Freelance Writer. Top Writer in Social Media and Internet Of Things. Hire me to create travel & lifestyle content for your biz.